About the Author


I suppose, if you’re looking here, you want to know a little about me, and maybe what makes me tick.

By the way, I’m the human in the photo. The furry face belongs to my youngest feline master, Pookie, although he does like for people to call him Spook. He’s totally spoilt, and did demand to be included in Catatopia. Because I’m a good servant, I obliged.

As a young child in school, I was a voracious reader, and an energetic writer. When asked to give a one page essay, I often handed in five or more pages. I was a day dreamer, and would disappear into the dream world when class became boring.

I wrote many short stories, but didn’t show them to many. Those who did read them said I should get them published. I scoffed at the idea. Many years later, after beta reading for another writer, I mentioned wanting to write, and possibly publish. She encouraged me to follow my dream. In 2014, my debut novel, Spirit of Love was published.

Since then, Entangled Destinies followed in 2015, and Catatopia in 2017. I’m attempting to publish at least one book a year – I hope.

I live in a small rural Queensland town, with two feline masters, and my husband, Kevin, who suffers from all the questions I ask. Ginge and Pookie leave it up to him to give the answers.

I hope you like what I write.